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Start A Spring Garden With DIY Raised Garden Beds - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.

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Companion Planting Putting Your Garden to Work for You — Gardening Lessons from The Kitchn

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Creating DIY raised garden beds, or garden boxes, in your backyard is a great way to protect your veggies, herbs, and flowers

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Living willow tree sculpture I have done this with sprouts coming out of a red bud tree we had to cut down


coolest fences awesome art 14 Some people are taking their fence game to a whole new level Photos)


Lacking in backyard space but have plenty of fencing? Make this tin can fence garden—it takes up less space than a traditional garden, and helps make your boring, bland fencing look much more attractive.

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If you want to test out your green thumb but don& have a lot of ground space, check out this inventive container garden Linsey and her family ma.

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These raised beds look very substantial and I like them very much. The copper edging is a nice touch. Found here (scroll down to last p.