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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics

Funny pictures about The Rolling Shutter Effect. Oh, and cool pics about The Rolling Shutter Effect. Also, The Rolling Shutter Effect photos.

A few name improvements for everyday stuff: I love riding on Horse Tornadoes :P

So hilarious! Just played this as a game with Jake, where I said the names & he guessed what it was I was describing. He did really well! Only missed two! "Space light"was kinda rough! So funny

People adore and quote science... until it's inconvenient for them. Then suddenly science is out of the question and the glaring truth is put out of the way. Yeah, that's not how science works. You can't pick and choose. Science is science, and if you turn a blind eye to that for your own agenda, then you aren't really as dedicated as you'd like to believe you are.

Why would a bacteria be considered life on Mars and a heartbeat not considered life on earth is murder

11 Year Old Writes Heart Wrenching Letter: “Why Gun Free Zones Violate My Right To Be Protected” Posted By Lorri Anderson on Jan 27>>>>

Even if no one had guns, people could attack schools with knives, bats, and other weapons. Armed staff could deter people with any kind of weapon .


Second main thing is that if any one have any emergency call 911 don't used your gun the kill some one the police can come on the and the police can the start a program with kids about gun control at home .