Veronica Neacsu

In Vero’s artworks, whimsical characters are taught to reveal visual stories of love and friendship, of summer and winter. The "storytelling machine" is boosted by delicate details and the miniature style Veronica approaches. She rediscovers techniques and topics, and the characters she creates are either playful and funny, or they are wallowing in the versatile expressiveness of monochrome.
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Stylish rabbits, for the win.

A fine art print entitled Family Portrait 2 by Veronica Neacsu!

Yes, rabbits and foxes and cats and lions and donkeys love too.

Colorhood - Show You Love by Veronica Neacsu

Say "Carrots!" and let me hold you!

Rabbit Family by Veronica Neacsu / Fine art print Limited edition

Everybody wants to be a cat. Or two.

Colorhood - Ms & Mr Cat by Veronica Neacsu

Ready for the family picnic!

Colorhood - Bunny Family by Veronica Neacsu

Every little bunny Has a habit that is funny.

Colorhood - Little Bunnies by Veronica Neacsu