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Madalina Andronic is an artist passionate about tiny, delicate details, with a taste for love, amusement, cherries and an odd obsession for sly, cheeky, scarlet foxes. After a year and a half spent in London, she decided to put to good use her big shiny MA in Illustration and sprinkle some colour and joy all over your lives! She works, she thinks, she dreams BIG, she's bright and shiny and always holds on to the magic of where she came from.
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And let us have a pink toast to all the happy lovers out there!

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Surprize by Madalina Andronic. No comment

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If you're a mermaid, brushing your hair 100 times before bed will make you dream your chosen one.

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“Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls” (Bob Weir)

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A bit of color, goes anywhere

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Lewis Carroll's "Alice" by Madalina Andronic

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For those sweet loving girls

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A place for all those guilty of having their head in the clouds. Limited edtion print on

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London Lovers

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Colorhood - Night Bath by Madalina Andronic

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