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Second section of Ripley Scroll, redrawn and coloured by Adam McLean from the copy in the Fitzwilliam Musaeum, Cambridge, possibly the earliest known ...

Alchemy: There are only 23 copies of the "Ripley" Scroll in existence. According to London’s Science Museum, “The scrolls are believed to be Century copies and variations of a lost, Century original.” An Alchemy artwork.

De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl não tem esse nome por acaso: “Quetzalcoatl” faz referência a uma serpente plumada, considerada principal divindade dos povos pré-colombianos. Neste lançamento, o animal, completamente feito em ouro, substitui os ponteiros do relógio.

De Bethune watches Quetzalcoatl men's watch features original gold hour markers representing an aerial view of Aztec pyramids. The animated dial in solid gold contrasts with the white gold case.