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the quote for aquarius is shown in black and white with an image of a fish on
Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts: Photo
a black and white drawing of a mermaid tail with bubbles in the water on a white background
mermaid... I'm thinking of this as a sideboob tattoo. I'll add color, I'm going for a watercolor look.
the zodiac sign for aquarius is shown in this screenshoter's image
Aquarius... I love the one that says you like weird shit lmao ... so spot on
a black and white photo with the words, tend to bottle up their emotions, until they can no longer hold them in
Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts
the aquarius quote about laughter and tears is shown on a black background with green lettering
OMG - I would always laugh when my parents would yell at me when I was a kid... funny
the poem aquarius, the water bearer is written in black and yellow with an image of
I don't believe in this stuff but this is funny :)
an aquarius doesn't mind being asked to do something but they resent being told they have to do it
Hate being old what to do.
a blue background with the words aquarius today's fact
Aquarius Daily Fun Fact
the quote on aquarius today's fact
Aquarius Daily Fun Fact
the quote you tend to be very observant and love to study the human nature and analize why everyone around you acts the way they do
an ad for aquarius women with the caption'what you need to know about aquarius women '
Aquarius women...I don't think they're right about that wrath thing.
people often misstake aquarius'carelessness for navies, when in fact, they know exactly what's going on
Aquarius -:-) Understanding them.