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Installing a wind turbine by CitizenOfThePlanet, via Flickr

Installation of a residential wind turbine is filmed for an episode of the DIY network show "This New House". Bob Hayes of Prevailing Winds and his crew install a Dyocore SolAir 800 I wind turbine which integrates two small solar panels into its desi

How to Build a Wind Generator Using a Delco Alternator | eHow

If you have an extra Delco alternator, you may want to consider generating your own electricity via a wind turbine system. Although automobile alternators do not make for the best wind turbines, you .

The Promise of Thin-Film Solar Are you ready to bring solar power into your home? Ongoing development of thin-film solar technology heralds the arrival of a long dreamed of future where everyone can generate their own power cleanly with the sun's energy.

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