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a drawing of a lizard with yellow and green stripes on it's back legs
Erpétologie générale:atlas (1854) - Erpétologie générale, ou, Histoire naturelle complète des reptiles - Biodiversity Heritage Library
Erpétologie Générale: Histoire naturelle complète des reptiles, Dumeril, Bibron…
two lizards are standing next to each other on a page in a book with drawings
Svensk zoologists: Johan Gustaf Billberg, Johan Wilhelm Dalman, Johan Vilhelm Palmstruch, Conrad Quensel, Olof Swartz
four different colored birds with long beaks and feathers on their backs, one is yellow
Contributions to the ornithology of the Papuan Islands
Contributions to the ornithology of the Papuan Islands - BioStor
four different types of bugs and insects
Image from Biologia Centrali-Americana
Henri De Saussure "Insecta. Orthoptera", 1893-1899
an old book with muscles drawn on it's arm and hand, showing the upper half
Inspirational Artworks: ANATOMY IMAGES
three different types of insects on a white background
Scientific Illustration
an old advertisement for teeth and braces with the words, your second or permanentment upper lower lower lower lower lower
Stephen Kroninger - A Child's Book of the Teeth
Harrison Wader Ferguson, A Child's Book of the Teeth, Illustrated by the Author, originally published 1918
an old medical illustration shows different types of teeth
I like these teef. #teeth #art #painting
Vintage, Scrubs, Dentistry, Dental Anatomy, Teeth Anatomy, Dental Hygienist
Quality Dental Products and Equipments- Professinoal Dental Products Online Shop
an old book page showing different types of teeth and their corresponding jawbones, from the earliest to the present day
Lady Jayne's Pillow Book
Vintage teeth #dental #smile #teeth
an old medical chart shows the different stages of teeth and their corresponding parts, including gums
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