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Cristina Mihailescu

Cristina Mihailescu
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Best vegetable garden site ever!!  tips for how to start, maintain and harvest that I have never even heard of.  Soooo good.

Growing Vegetables Step-By-Step, Weekend Gardener; comprehensive garden site with ideas for how to start, maintain, and harvest that I have never heard of

A3 novice gardener's/beginner's vegetable growing gardening calendar

novice gardener& vegetable growing gardening calendar& (folded to ideal small gift for mother& day, father& day, classrooms or schools offering horticultural lessons NOT LAMINATED.

Save some money: Here’s a list of food that ~magically~ regrows itself.

Did you know you can regrow plants from kitchen scraps? A lot of different fruits and veggies can be regrown and well show you exactly how to do it. - My Sunny Gardens

Kitchen Remedies for Garden Pests #FWx

Some effective pest remedies can be found in the kitchen. Always test homemade remedies on a small portion of the plant to make sure they will not harm it, and never apply on a hot or bright sunny day, which could cause plants to burn.

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests For Good #FWx

Wondering What Pest is Snacking on Your Beautiful Garden? Chewed Leaves and a Slim Trail? Must be Slugs and Snails! Deformed Leaves and Sucking Damage? Sounds Like you Have Aphids. Learn How to Recognize Garden Pests by Leaf Damage and How to Eliminate Th