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a person holding a green drink with cucumber and elderflower spritz
Mocktail Recipes | Natalie Battaglia on Instagram: "Cucumber Elderflower Spritz Mocktail 🥒 I adore a cucumber/elderflower combo - the crisp fresh taste of cucumber combined with the sweet floral of elderflower is always a winner. ✨Don’t forget to save this recipe✨ This recipe can also be made as a punch in a pitcher ✨🥒 Ingredients ▫️2oz cucumber juice, store bought or homemade* ▫️1/2-1oz elderflower cordial or syrup ▫️1oz lime juice ▫️1/2 cup dry sparkling wine or soda Add all ingredients to a wine glass and stir gently. Garnish with an optional cucumber ribbon and edible flower. *To make the cucumber juice: blend 2 inches cucumber and 2 tablespoons water in a small blender and strain. Cheers and enjoy! #boozefree #nationalsoberday #mocktails #nonalcoholicdrinks #alcoholfree #al
two glasses filled with ice and green leaves on top of a white table next to bottles
(French) Basil & Lillet Spritz Recipe
Basil Spritz
an orange sitting on top of a table next to a glass filled with liquid and fruit
Lillet Spritz | Lillet US
there is a bottle of liquor and two glasses on the table next to each other
Lillet G&T : the classic G&T with our Lillet Blanc
Lillet G&T : Mix Lillet Blanc and Beefeater Dry Gin with tonic water. Try it now !
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8 Lillet Blanc Cocktails
Discover the charm of Lillet Blanc cocktails, which offer a refreshing twist on traditional drinks. Lillet Blanc, with its aromatic profile, combines excellently with various ingredients, making every cocktail stand out. #lillettblanccocktails
a glass filled with liquid next to bottles of alcohol and lemons on a cutting board
French Blonde Cocktail: A Deliciously Easy Recipe
Enjoy a classic French Martini cocktail? Then look no further than this French Blonde cocktail recipe! A blend of Gin, Lillet Blanc, Elderflower Liqueur, and grapefruit juice, this is one of those delicious Lillet cocktails that redefines sophistication and flavor. #frenchblondecocktail #frenchmartinicocktail #lilletcocktails #martini #cocktailrecipes
three different colored drinks sitting on top of a marble table next to a vase with tulips
three different types of drinks sitting on a table next to each other with flowers in them
Frozen Cherry Cola Recipe | Refreshing Summer Drink
a person holding a wine glass with a blackberry bourbon cocktail in it and text overlay that reads, ear grey blackberry bourbon cocktail
Earl Grey Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail
Honey Hole Cocktail Mixed Drinks, Honey Drink, Mixed Drinks Recipes, Booze, Bourbon Drinks
Honey Hole - Beautiful Floral Cocktail - Vintage American Cocktails
three glasses filled with liquid and lemon wedges
Mile High Pear Cocktail
there are many glasses that have lemons in them on the tray next to each other
Ciao Bella