Claudiu Cotet

Claudiu Cotet

Claudiu Cotet
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wallpapered closets on bloglovin

Wall paper in the closet. I love creating a closet with as much detail and style that you would spend on the rest of your room. It usually holds some of your most favorite possessions. I painted my closet Hot Pink.

Ikea Walk In Closet Design

Extraordinary Ikea Walk In Closet Designs in Bright White Theme : Elegant Ikea Walk In Closet Designs Towels Coats Ceiling Lamp. Definitely something like this in the closet in our bedroom, get those clothes out of the bedroom and into their own place!

Cum se face glazura regala  (royal icing)?

Cum se face glazura regala (royal icing)?

Cannoli (Shell and Filling Recipes)

Cannoli (shell and filling recipes) - These are seriously dreamy! Perfectly crisp shell and deliciously creamy filling. Just like the ones from Italian bakeries. Step by step photos included for shell (Italian Recipes Italy)

Toast Strips Stamper | 15 Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets Ever

Fun Gifts and Toast Strips Stamper at Perpetual Kid. Look, we could sit here and lecture you on the science behind why cutting food into strips or bite size pie