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How to Afford the Home You Want - When Jack Holden was asked, “How did your family get started buying real estate?” here’s how he answered. “We scraped, borrowed, and leveraged from every resource we had to muster the funds we needed… .  Read more:

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Negotiate Win-Win for your House - Negotiators typically fit into one of three types of nego­tiating styles: (1) adversarial, (2) accommodating, and (3) win-win. Lawyers typically practice the adversarial style. Adversarial negotiators make outrageous demands. They push, pull, or threaten to move you as close as possible to their position.  Read more:

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Common Pests in your Home-Termites and Wood-Boring Beetles - One of the strange ironies of this planet is that the supreme builders of the insect world are those who eat, ravage, and destroy our own dwellings. Every year termites cause more damage in the United States than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. In 1990  Read more:

Common Pests in your Home-Termites and Wood-Boring Beetles - Home tips