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the words you call me paranoid i call you uninformed on a black background
Strive to be informed and aware of the world around you.
an image of a man made out of bees with the caption's description
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They have forgotten how to fear...time to start reminding them. Starting with Election Day!
an old newspaper advertisement with the words manicure mom paying $ 30 to get her made fun in another language
My Little Gems: Pinterest Finds: Funny things that make me laugh
a woman sitting on top of a checkered floor
Alice. I love the story of Alice so much. However anyone who thinks this is a wonderful lovely fantasy story is incorrect. The author created the original Alice under the design that she was a paranoid schizophrenic suffering from bipolar disorder, a truly mentally challenged individual who couldn't cope with reality so rather than act out as did those in mental asylums, she created her wonderland, her escape.
a black and white photo with the words i over analize situations, because i'm scared of what will happen if i'm not prepared for it
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a handwritten quote on white paper that says, daring the world's not really against
Whats Holding You Back? - Sober Inspirations
an image of a man holding something in his hand with the caption, you make me wish i had more middle fingers
There's nothing medically wrong with you, you're just stupid.
There's nothing medically wrong with you, you're just stupid.
the text reads tyrany class 101 rules 1 create a constant security threat so that the public will call for their own enslvenment
Note: We can't create the security threat either - that's part of their plan. We need to be wiser, more persistent, prepared, aware, educated, vocal, active, and righteous, but NOT violent.