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1. normal 2. pressured 3. low self-esteem 4. anxiety 5. depression 6. anorexia nervosa 7. bulimia nervosa 8. self harm 9. suicide. One step closer to goodbye

my-twisted-fantasie: my-twisted-fantasie: fucked-up-sketches: normal pressured low self-esteem anxiety depression anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa self harm suicide. TumbleOn) this is so powerful (via TumbleOn)

So true. It's hard to find a place in society when as soon as you find a place you're comfortable in society pulls it out from under you. So don't try to shape yourself into society's idea or normal or pretty. Be yourself, whoever you are, you're beautiful!

This is why I hate society. They say things to you that can hurt but if or when you change it society finds a way to make it back fire. So screw society we have one life to live and in my opinion I'd rather live it my way.