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When you put yourself in the place of knowing that good things are coming to you, and you’re not trying to define the avenue through which they come, then you’re much more general, and therefore you’re much less resistant, and therefore you’re much more willing to allow it to come. Abraham-Hicks Boston 8th June 2013

Focusing on the good things coming is more healing than focusing on regrets. Think about a dream, You must have a general dream your talents can enjoy coming true. Without such hope, How are you going to have any dreams come true.

34 Funny Quotes You Just Have to Read Nope, none. If I see it, I’m doomed. I can see the difference would be astounding. Yummy bean salad with coffee…or coffee itself. Make it like a party. Dessert, like FRIENDS’ theme song, is always there for you. It’s just too easy. Nobody else’s. Don’t keep them …

You think I dont enjoy pleasure but the art of making food and enjoying it is a great pleasure in life. Same with sex. There is an art to it and a pleasure to be enjoyed from it as long as you are with the right person.