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an assortment of metal items on display in a glass case with writing below them and the words, they appear to be from ancient egypt
Ancient Egypt: Ancient Structures and Artifacts. Ancient Man and His First Civilizations
Predynastic Egyptian ivory hair combs and hair pins from the Naqada culture. Handles are designed as symbolic motifs
an old stone object is shown on a black background with the light coming from behind it
A Roman Bronze Head of a Hound, Probably a Handle Terminal
an ancient bronze object on display with a black background and white stand in the foreground
Irish Archaeology (@irarchaeology) / X
Irish Archaeology (@irarchaeology) | Twitter
a drawing of a horse with feathers on its back
Horses of the Scythian Kings
Bensozia: Horses of the ancient Scythian Kings. They wore elaborate gear, including artificial antlers.
two ancient roman breads with faces on the sides and braiding around each other
portraits du Fayoum
Fayum mummy portrait 69-117ap. J-C Hawara
a glass bird figurine sitting on top of a white table next to a gray background
House of Fabergé, Chick, 1899–1908, aventurine quartz, gold, ruby.
Parts of a Japanese armor. Guerriero Samurai, Ronin Samurai, Kubo And The Two Strings, Japanese Armor, Feudal Japan, Geisha Tattoo, Samurai Warriors, Ancient Japan, Ancient Armor
Samurai de krijgers uit het oude Japan
Parts of a Japanese armor.
an old book with different designs on it
My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning
Specimens of ceiling decoration at Thebes (Egypt). From Historic ornament, treatise on decorative art and architectural ornament, vol. 1, by James Ward, London, 1909.
a close up of a mosaic with a woman's face and head in the center
Gorgeous mosaic at Museo Barracco ... a depiction of the Church of Rome, personified.
a statue of a woman's head is shown
Roman woman with elaborate hairstyle.
a close up of a stone head on display
Female head, traces of paint still clearly visible.
an ancient head is displayed in a glass case
Ancient Egyptian head.