Ciupei Liviu

Ciupei Liviu

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Ciupei Liviu
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"I still fall for you everyday."

Everyday I wake up, I consider myself the luckiest girl because you choose me ! And I'm falling more and more in love with you everyday even tho we're apart ! Distance means nadaaaaaa when ur in love and I love you !

Pretty Boy Haircuts - Low Skin Fade with Long Slick Back

Trend Hairstylel 21 Pretty Boy Haircuts,Pretty boy haircuts and hairstyles are all of the craze these days. These “brief sides with lengthy flowing high” hairstyles might require a littl.


C-Ciel *cuddles him crying T^T WH-What are you doing *he cries blushing* S-Sebastian *sebastian sighs* yes my lord *he pulls me off him* *looks up and see sebastian, blushes hard banging his chest* p-put me down!

Purple blue ombre side shaved dyed hair

Cut and colour Colour: Top section Powder Lightened with Deep Blue and Electric Purple Semi over the top Styling products: Red Muk styling paste for texture, then finished with hairspray for hold