Ciubotariu Mihaela

Ciubotariu Mihaela

Ciubotariu Mihaela
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Dahlia: "Tartan"

Must plant this Spring: Dahlias Dahlia 'Tartan' - White and dark red petals are long and twist and turn towards the ends. Blooms measure across.

Handmade paper flowers #kissesandcake #weddingstyling #florals

gorgeous, delicate, gigantic flowers… made entirely of paper . the stunning work of san francisco based architect/artist tiffanie turner… these botanical beauties all range between to in diameter

Butterfly;) Headband!!!Handmade!!!!

Pink Yellow Green Butterfly Hair Crown, kentucky derby hat, Butterfly Floral Garland, Butterfly Halo, Festival and Wedding Hair Accessory

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