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this easy peach cobbler recipe is the perfect dessert for any occasion
CINNAMON ROLL APPLE PIE CUPS! 🍎🥧 #easydessert #falldesserts #fallrecipes
Follow @tnstyled for more easy recipe ideas! These are super similar to the peach cobbler cups I made recently but with a few tweaks! Instead of adding the pie filling before baking the cinnamon rolls try adding the cinnamon rolls and baking them a little more then halfway and taking them out of the oven and pressing down with a shot glass to make a cup and then add in the apple filling! Put them bake in the oven and continue to bake. This makes the pie cups a little more sturdy! Ingredients: • 1 can cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (I used 1 and a half cans) • 1 can apple pie filling (chopped up) Directions: • Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a muffin tin with non-Stick spray and press cinnamon rolls into each well. Bake for 9 minutes and remove from oven press each roll d
chocolate chip cookies soft, chewy and so buttery these cookies are the best
Chocolate Chip Cookies
a cake in a pan with peaches on the side
My daughter took one bite and bolted towards me, eager to know the recipe
a person pouring sauce on some food in a glass dish with almonds and other foods
simple 1 pan treat, so good! | chocolate, Rick Lax, recipe | simple 1 pan treat, so good! yummy recipe combines nilla wafers, bananas, and chocolate. simple and delicious! thanks for watching! this video was... | By Lucy Diamond | Okay, so we have one fourteen-ounce can of condensed milk. Mmm. Here we are right on top of our mini vanilla wafers. Yum. We've got our ripe banana here. We're just going to smash it up a little bit so that it's really easy to place right on top just like that. Ooh. Yum. Mm hmm. Yes. Bananas, vanilla wafers, great combination. Mm hmm. Definitely. Like that. Nice vanilla flavor and with the bananas. Yeah. So scrumptious. There we are. Uh oh. Yeah. These are like super ripe. Super ripe because we want that nice flavor from the bananas. So, I'm going to use three bananas in total. Okay. Mm hmm. There we are and of course, if you like bananas, you can add more, right? I just think that three is a perfect amount. Right. For this dish. We don't want it to be overpowered with too much bananas unless you want that extra potassium. There we are. Just like that. Excellent. Beautiful. Chocolate chips. Ooh. Yes. Chocolate and bananas, vanilla wafers. Oh my gosh. I love where this is going. So many yummy flavors here and I'm going to give it a nice. We need one whole bag and I'm going to give it a nice sprinkle so the whole thing gets covered. Yes. There we are. Reese's Peanut Butter Bites. Chocolate and banana and vanilla and peanut butter. Yummy. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to try this. And of course, we're going to top it with vanilla, white chocolate chips. Look at all this chocolate. Perfect for chocolate lovers. Yes. Chocolate lovers and bananas lovers. This is like great flavor combo. We're going to spread it out and make sure there's a nice even layer on there because this is going to make our chocolatey crust. We're making banana vanilla bars. Yum. Look at our layers. Oh wow. Look at that. This is so exciting. Yummy. Oh look at that. So we're going to pop it in the oven until all the chocolate melts. Okay. Alrighty. So it has been in about five minutes or so and the chocolate is all melty so I'm just going to give it a spread here oh yum look at that it's perfect so perfect super scrumptious we're going to let this fully cool and once it's cooled you can pop it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden great already so this has been chilling the chocolate has been fully melted and then hardened so got a nice chocolatey crust up there it's like nice and swirl Mm hmm. Whoo. Oh yeah. Look at that. Oh, the banana. Nice. Wow. Wow. Oh, I cannot wait to take a bite. Yummy. Okay, we can see the banana, the chocolate, the peanut butter. Great layers. Yum. Vanilla wafer. Oh my gosh. So yummy. So good.
a bundt cake with chocolate icing on a plate
Combine Brownie And Cake Mix. Grandma's Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe Is So Amazing
Grandma's Chocolate Brownie Cake Is The Best We've Had
a bowl filled with chocolate frosting on top of a wooden table
Combine Brownie And Cake Mix. Grandma's Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe Is So Amazing
Grandma's Chocolate Brownie Cake Is The Best We've Had
no - fail fruit cobbler recipe that is perfect for the summertime and it's ready to be eaten
No-Fail Fruit Cobbler
No-fail fruit cobbler is a great last minute dessert because you can keep everything on hand and it takes about an hour from start to finish (perfect for those surprise visitors). via @peartreechefs
two pictures of a cranberry crust pie on a cooling rack with text overlay
Crazy Crust Pie - Enjoy The Recipes
ingredients to make baked oatmeal sitting on top of a counter next to a can
Coconut Cake — Life Out Loud
YUMMY! One thing I feel I can do is Bake. Cooking on the other hand does not come as easy. But baking yummy sweet things. That I can do. Someone on facebook (and I am sorry I can not remember who. If you are reading this and it was YOU...please tell me) this recipe and I have been wanting t
a spoon with some food in it on top of a pan filled with rice and nuts
Coconut Cream Yum Yum
a close up of a piece of cake on a plate with the words coconut poke cake
Coconut Poke Cake
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a piece of cake on a plate with the words easy italian cream cake above it
On The Menu: Easy Italian Cream Cake
strawberry texas sheet cake with text overlay that says, can't stay out of the kitchen
Strawberry Texas Sheet Cake