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Andra Cirsmaru
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What if? #yesallwomen #feminism

For the men who still don't get it.By Carol Diehl. Athough Domination is never ok this is an illustration that may help put the perspective shoe on the other foot.

Okay so this is REALLY important, and wonderfully demonstrates the struggle women go through that men just DO NOT UNDERSTAND because they don't experience this. BUT the thing is, men shouldn't HAVE TO DO THIS BEFORE they believe women. You don't believe us until you experience it yourself, you do not take our own words and years of experience being treated this way. People don't believe women. And it's a MAJOR problem.

Ingrained sexism is so prevalent in almost all fields and it's so important we recognize and combat it.

Idk about the second pic though, it still could mean in romantic relationships in addition to this