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PAINTED 40K: Chaos

Meet the art of Mathias Kollros, an independent austrian artist who's won CG Society challenge in 2007

Khornate Knight Titan - Spiky Bits

Get in here and checkout this amazing walking Knight Titan, of KHORNE! Andy Kessler from Arklight Studios just sent in this inspiring Khorne Knight …

World Eaters (pre heresy)

So here it is, unless further changes are needed: Mikhail Bloodrage, cataphractii and Devourer of the World Eaters Legion, the Bloody XIIth!

Painted 40K : Kharn the Betrayer, Painted by Alex Boca

alexboca berserker chainaxe chaos kharn_the_betrayer monochrome plasma_pistol portrait space_marines world_eaters

Order of the Valorous Heart Sister Update

Order of the Valorous Heart Sister Update