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Ciprian Balogh

Ciprian Balogh
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The Scratchbook: Michele Nicolette - Dog Milk

Playful line drawing-style Bulldog, German Shepherd, and French Bulldog illustrations by Michele Nicolette of Inkopious for t-shirts, hoodies, & tote bags.

french bulldog drawing, illustration.

“Poutine et le Papillon” It’s the first real book/series illustration I’ve made. It is a wedding gift for my uncle, and features his rescue French Bulldog Poutine. First time binding a book (in a rush as usual) so it’s a bit messier than I’d like and.

Brabus iBusiness: The 800 hp off-roader for internet entrepreneurs

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get away from work - so instead of staying in the office, take the office with you in the Brabus 800 iBusiness Mercedes-Benz AMG. Based on the Mercedes G.