King’s Decebal face carved in rock on the shores of the Danube River, Romania

The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus, Danube River, Romania (Eastern Europe)

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond loop tiara - now lost

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond loop tiara - now lost. But costume- loving queen lives on in memory. More below including a huge Cartier crown.

Peles Castle, Romania

Peles Castle, a summer residence for the Romanian Royal Family - Transylvania, Romania

Northern Romania traditional gates

Northern Romania traditional gates , goddies from Romania. The most beautiful art of wood . They are amaizing

The Transfăgărășan (Ceaușescu's folly)-- Built as a strategic military route, the 90 km of twists and turns run north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians, between the highest peak in the country, Moldoveanu, and the second highest, Negoiu. The road connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitești.

DRIVE: The most beautiful pictures of Romania: Transfagarasan road, one of the most beautiful driving roads in the world

Home Cooking In Montana: Romanian Sausages...Mititei/Mici (or small ones)

Home Cooking In Montana: Romanian Sausages.Mititei/Mici (or small ones) My notes: use pork beef

Cimitirul Vesel de la Sapanta / The Merry Cemetery in Northern Romania.

Northern Romania - Called "Merry Cemetery" - Each intricately painted headstone features the deceased person's vice in life.

traditional costume...each area of the country has its own traditional costumes..

each area of the country has its own traditional costumes.

Princess Marie of Romania with lady in waiting (??)    Pss Marie of Romania with a lady in waiting (?) both in typical romanian folk dresses    I love Queen Marie of Romania! So glad I stumbled upon this photo of her in traditional folk dress, its beautiful. :)

An Englishwoman in Romania: Queen Marie of Romania (born in Kent and christened Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh) on the right. She was famous for her beauty as well as an extraordinary collection of jewels.