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a poster with an image of autumn and fall items in the center, including leaves, books, pencils, pens, scissors, etc
four different types of leaves that are drawn in the same line, each with their own name
an orange and white poster with a leaf on it's back side, in the middle
two flags with the words prezenta cofilor and la cradiita
an image of houses and rainbows with the word acosa in front of them
a group of children sitting at a table in front of a whiteboard with the words central tematic
a poster with children around a tree and the words primavara on it
an autumn tree with people around it, and the words hello to momma written in different languages
a family tree with the words vaara on it and an image of people standing around it
a christmas card with people around a tree and snowflakes on the trees,
an animal themed poster with animals around a tree
an autumn tree with animals and birds around it
a girl holding flowers and an umbrella with words in spanish