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the stomach is labeled in spanish and english
the spanish poster shows people sitting and standing in different positions, with words above them
an image of the back of a person's stomach with instructions on how to use it
Exame abdominal
the instructions for how to do an arm wrestling with someone on their cell phone, in spanish
the instructions for how to use an infant's diaper in spanish and english
Fitness, Survival Skills, Vida, Medical Education, Anatomy And Physiology, Nurse
Engasgar é Normal?
an image of the head and neck of a man with different facial features in spanish
Você conhece os sintomas do AVC?🤔
the lungs are labeled in spanish, and there is also an info sheet to help you know
the diagram shows how many different numbers can be used to describe what is in each body
a poster with different types of people in spanish and english on the side of a pink wall