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an i can read worksheet with pictures and words to help students learn how to read
Winter Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)!
I Can Read Words! Simple CVC words to help BEGINNING readers! The first 2 letters are the same, which really helps them focus on the last sound!
a hand holding a piece of paper with the word r on it, and an image of
Blending Cards for Early Readers
Blending Cards for Kindergarten, first and second grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for kindergarten and first grade and and RtI for second grade. The cards are set up so that students: 1. Say the sounds • • • (with the large dots) 2. Blend the sounds (with the dotted lines) 3. Say it fast (with the arrow)
beginning sounds clip cards with pictures of animals and letters
Free Beginning Sound Clip Cards - Fairy Poppins
Free Beginning Sound Clip Cards – Fairy Poppins
a hand is holding a marker and pointing to an activity sheet with numbers on it
Engaging activities to help Kindergarteners learn phoneme segmentation.
These worksheets help students count the number of sounds they hear in a word
the worksheet for making sound words and numbers to practice letter sounds in children's handwriting
CVC Review
CVC Review-Medial sound isolation
the words in this worksheet are for children to learn
The SLT Scrapbook
Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs-... by The SLT Scrapbook | Teachers Pay Teachers
i would omit some of these for high school Adhd, Autism Activities, Therapy Activities, Pecs Communication, Autism Spectrum
i would omit some of these for high school