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a man jumping into the water to catch a shark with his mouth open while another person watches
The Queen is not Amused...but I am.
Good motivation to climb..
an aerial view of a river and land with red, green, blue and pink colors
Rivers seen from space: Mississippi River delta
an eagle spreads its wings in front of a mountain lake with autumn foliage on it
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Eagle - Beautiful reflection on the water w/the scenery.
an image of a garden at night with the moon in the sky and trees around it
Moongarden in #Barcelona, #Spain. I already have been in a midnight stroll so that can be crossed out of my bucket list, but in THIS?! Yes please.
a bird flying over the ocean with its wings spread
Oceanic Flying fish
flying fish- look at this amazing creature. I used to see them as a child at Catalina Island.
an image of some kind of animal that is in the middle of it's body
Alitta virens | Alexander Semenov
Sea worm
the deep album cover with an image of a blue jelly
Music, Media, Games
On dry land, most organisms are confined to the surface, or at most to altitudes of a hundred metersthe height of the tallest trees. In the oceans, though, living space has both vertical and horizonta
an orange and white fish with caption that reads hey you perverts my eyes are up here
Bubble Eye Fish
Bubble Eye Fish
a jellyfish in the dark with its head turned to look like it is floating
Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World
The translucent Pelagic Octopus
a red and white squid is in the water with green plants around it's sides
hinge-back shrimp
Hinge-back Shrimp (Rhynchocinetes serratus) - family Rhynchocinetidae Tulamben, Bali