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This face goes perfectly with me... by Hagyr

Jeffery Woods (A.A Jeff the Killer). The second reason that sent the sisters on their journey to find answers to what has been happening. (Again just like BEN, Jeff is also a creepypasta character which i do not own)

'Real creepypasta fan'<= I think I've pinned this about four times now. I'm never going to not repin~

Jeff The Killer/Adventure Time GIF (I'm actually not the biggest creepy pasta fan, but this was to awesome)

It's always fun to make a wish! I usually don't do these on other sites like Instagram, but it's so easy on Pinterest!

I just pinned this cause of the fun eye tests and to just state, don't believe in all the tests and stuff that these type of pins make up, if you believe hard enough then you can make your wishes come true on your own.

"See"... Just watch the image... And you will understand

And my brain sees NAKED life in a nutshellSecrets>>>Rage>>>Suicide>>>Seed>>> passion.