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All of our parents wanted to be alone so they sent us on vacation to Orlando, Florida so we could make friends. They got tired of us just sitting around and all that stuff.

Set into the long weekend #livelokai  @alec_basanec

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Je voudrais renoncer à rien dans mon passé à sucer la bite

Sunscreens protect against wrinkles, study suggests

Lokai bracelet...contains mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest. Balancing the highest and lowest places on earth and in our lives

Lokai has partnered with World Wildlife Fund to help spread the global message of balance in the wild. I’m living wild, are you? I love my lokai me and Ryan wear them everyday


I saw the wedding photo like this like a week after my wedding and wanted to go back in time to take that picture. Now I'm definitely going to do this on my honeymoon!

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