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Radu Chiriac

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Radu Chiriac
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The passion of photography – When getting to close to nature is not a good thing.The passion is just hard to break.

Daredevil photographer proves how far he will go for the perfect shot as his shoes and tripod are set alight by volcano lava flow. Kawika Singson was shooting in the volcanoes of Hawaii, which was so hot his tripod and shoes caught alight.

Amazing shot – The bird is too tired to continue flying. The owl allows it to hitch a ride on its back. Photo by: Luis C.

Amazing shot- Parental defense of young is the strongest instinct of them all! Owl being hazed away from young.

Octopus tries to surface up – You see his head in the water, but what do you think it maybe?

Octopus, Italy Photograph by Pasquale Vassallo Despite the strong human presence on the coast, an octopus is curious about snow-covered Vesuvius. (This photo and caption were submitted to the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest.