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Dieselpunk Vehicles, Heavy Cruiser, Navy Wallpaper, Army Vehicles
an illustrated diagram of a battleship with other details on the front and back sides, including two
Asian History, Dieselpunk
Leyte, Military Drawings, Tanks Military
four different types of ships with names in english and japanese characters on them, all lined up side by side
Battlefleet Gothic, Country Art
the usss are lined up and labeled in black ink, with different numbers on them
Peer Into The Past
Battleships at anchor on battleship row in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. USS Nevada USS Oklahoma * USS Pennsylvania USS Arizona * USS Tennessee USS California * USS Maryland USS West Virginia * *Sunk or destroyed:
a painting of an aircraft flying over a ship in the ocean with other ships nearby
Italian battleship Roma under attack by German Fritz X glide bomb in the Mediterranean, September 9, 1943. Painting by Paul Wright [899 × 663]
Итальянский линкор «Рома» под атакой немецкой планирующей бомбы Fritz X в Средиземном море, 9 сентября 1943 года. Картина Пола Райта [899 × 663]: ImaginaryWarships
two boats in the water near each other
Pinturas marina II Guerra Mundial
1942 01 15 HMS Hesperus pasa por ojo al U-357 - A. Yu. Zaikin
ORP ,,Gryf" Hms Hood, Navy Art, Ship Poster, Picture Dictionary, Military Soldiers
ORP ,,Gryf"
a painting of an aircraft carrier in the ocean with two planes flying over it and another plane
Las Cosicas del Panzer
USS Langly en Leyte
ORP Griffin Maritime Painting, Aircraft Carriers, Steampunk Art, Diy Hacks
Strona Grzegorza Nawrockiego
ORP Griffin