The aim was to use a hubless wheel to create a compact bicycle, with the benefits of a large wheel and belt drive.Hubless wheels have appeared in bicycle concepts already, and were first invented b.

New Bike Share System in Copenhagen by RAFAA  #Bicycle  #Raffa #Copenhagen

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Spread Your Love by Hamed Kohan & tire design features heart-shaped knobs that create playful tracks on the streets. a series of corresponding bike racks are distributed throughout the city.


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Mitchell Silva, was inspired by both his own personal experience riding at night and the statistics about cyclist-related traffic incidents. As an Industrial Design student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, he took the brief to "create an everyday task light incorporating LED technology" as an opportunity to develop his own bicycle illumination system: GLO-BARS.

Mitchell Silva, avid cyclist and Industrial Design student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, has developed a product called GLO-BARS, a project that

Julian Bialowas is a designer and photographer who last year completed an ambitious project called where he posted one photo for each day of the year. He layers inspiring quotes onto the stunning photographs taken in his hometown in Alberta, Canada.

Honda's "Motor Compo" - foldable electric scooter

Honda’s "Motor Compo"

On exhibition at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Honda represent "Motor Compo", a foldable electric scooter, which design hearkens back to the "Motocompo". The Motor Compo's total length

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Bicycling, Cycling Tours, Bicycles, Biking, Cycling