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What’s the best way to hydrate your natural curls? We compared the two most trusted methods for curly hair. Find out which one is best for your hair type.
Black Shoulder Length Passion Twists
30 Gorgeous Passion Twists Styles to Try in 2024
Black Shoulder Length Passion Twists
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This Vietnamese Hairstylist Creates Intricate Hairstyles That Sometimes Take Up To 2-3 Months To Fin
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✨ on Instagram: "Bohemian Invisible Locs Bob on @touchedbyamaya ✨ The bob is givinggg 😫 Book now ! #invisiblelocs #bohoinvisiblelocs #bobstylesbraids #massachusettsbraider #413braids #springfieldmabraider"
Invisible locs
To create invisible locs, start with clean, detangled hair. Section it into small parts and tightly two-strand twist or braid each section, ensuring consistent tension. Use a small amount of styling product to secure the twists or braids. Allow the hair to thoroughly dry, either naturally or with a hooded dryer. Optionally, refine the locs using the crochet method for a more defined look. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the locs neat; retwist or refresh the style as needed. Consider consulting a stylist for personalized guidance based on your hair type and preferences.
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