Burnt wood Art

Wood burning Art Inspiration Done with a wood burner and a piece of wood with a beautiful knot.

Wooden Piggy Bank, Creative Piggy Banks Make Saving Fun, http://hative.com/creative-piggy-banks-make-saving-fun/,

15 Creative Piggy Banks Make Saving Fun

What better way to teach your kids about money management than by giving them a piggy bank? Here are some creative piggy banks your kids will love. These piggy banks will serve as a teaching tool for fiscal responsibility.

Exquisite Hand Carved Tree Trunk Chair on by onemanstrashlasvegas, $1299.99

Hand Carved Tree Trunk Chair I am not for killing trees but for bringing them back to life. like how it is part off a full tree not cut up wood.

Handmade Wood Carving Knives | Lion Hunt Custom Knife I would get one of these for fishing!

Image via This is from Van Barnett's Art Knife Invitational, so this isn't exactly functional. Image via beautiful knife Image via "The Cust