U2. The Greatest Band on Earth!!!!!

Because I love this band and their music. And they are as essential to my survival as oxygen!!
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an image of the back side of a man's arm with text on it
Bono Introduces New Song "The Streets Of Surrender" U2TOURFANS
Bono Introduces New Song "The Streets Of Surrender" U2TOURFANS
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I was there. July 23, 2015 I will never forget it❤️
two people sitting on a red couch in front of a man with an evil mask
a magazine cover with three men on the front and one man in sunglasses looking off to the side
U2 and Apple Are Working On A New Digital Music Format
Exclusive: U2 and Apple Have Another Surprise for You | TIME on Intl version on September 29th issue
the silhouettes of three people are playing guitars and drums in front of a white background
U2 iTunes 2014
They are my heartbeat....❤️ Music, In A Heartbeat, Rock N Roll, Love Of My Life, Of My Life, Neon Signs
They are my heartbeat....❤️
the band u2 performing on stage with red heart shaped balloons in the background and text that reads, stay your heart beats through
the label for u2's album
Thanks to U2 and Apple, my life is now complete
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