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an abstract black and white drawing on paper with lines in the middle, as if it were woven into fabric
is a digital publication on fashion, beauty and contemporary cul
a woman's face with multicolored hair and makeup is shown in this image
Best of Behance
Serene cyberpunk portraits by Local Preacher.
a woman's head is shown with blue light on her face and hands, in the dark
a man with his face painted orange and purple, in front of a pink background
BURN Energy Drink Vjing Content
We were commissionned by BETC POP for Burn's latest campaign. We shot the print campaign, the teaser video as well as the 40min onstage VJing. Here are some outtakes of the 40minutes video.
an abstract black and white pattern with squares
Textile, Extra Hollow Ground
Length of printed cotton with a trompe l'oeil design of three-dimensional forms inspired by the grid of square tiles in a bathroom. A single razor blade is placed on the illusion of a shelf.
an image of a man's head with his hands on the forehead and another hand reaching out to him
Image of Andrew Fairclough - 'Autoscopy'. Original painting 2017
a white head with lines on it
Man Head
an image of two heads in the shape of people's heads, with lines on them
Futuristic Couple Silhouette
Futuristic Couple Silhouette. Shapes #render
a hand is holding a string that has been placed on top of an electrical device
I promise you, Meghan, I will make the world just as you saw in your beautiful dream.
an abstract painting of a man's head and neck
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #73
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #73
an abstract image of a woman's face and hands
Visual Atelier 8 - Visual Atelier 8
FVCKRENDER Develops Vastly Impressive And Futuristic Imagery
a blue light that is shining in the dark with lines on it and a person's head
: Photo
“Polygon1993 aka Arthur Demeure (French, b. 1993, based Paris, France) - The Hologram, 2018 Visual Arts ”
an abstract painting of a man's face and head with yellow, blue, green and black colors
TOTEM on Behance
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Sam Chirnside
提升| Sam Chirnside