When I was a kid, I wanted every ship painting to come to life and swallow me up in it, like in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

narnia painting voyage of the dawn treader could paint similar ideas, with things spilling out of portrait/frame

Alberta Canada, Trips

3D-painting-poster-of-baby-and-tiger.jpg (1600×1200)

A boy plays with a art piece created by a Chinese-Korean artist group at the You are the Art! exhibition at Augustusburg Palace near Chemnitz, Germany. Hendrick Schmidt, dpa, via AFP/Getty Images


Image of surrealism definition, having the picture on the wall come to life bringing the scale out to make it look real.

96158edb92_89409769_o2.png (800×600)

96158edb92_89409769_o2.png (800×600)

Full Diamond Embroidery Sailing falls Diy Mosaic Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Crystal Diamond Sets Home Decorative

Wine, Grapes, Fruit, Vine, Winegrowing, Autumn

Free Image on Pixabay - Wine, Grapes, Fruit, Vine

Wine, Grapes, Fruit, Vine, Winegrowing, Autumn