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the different types of boats are shown in this graphic art work, which includes multiple colors and sizes
Así envejecerían los animales más famosos de los dibujos animados
Así envejecerían los animales más famosos de los dibujos animados
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20 Funny Disney Memes That Are Relatable
a bunch of cartoon characters with the words monday, wednesday and friday written on them
40 Disney Humor Quotes
40 Disney Humor Quotes |
frozen princesses with different expressions and sayings for each one's favorite character
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Create dynamic edits, curate your gallery and immerse yourself in inspiring and motivating content.
a cartoon character with the caption when the freshen kid tries roasting you but you notice he's wearing sketches ahem
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multiple images of different types of wood planks with various colors and designs on them
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multiple images of cartoon characters in different scenes
Make a wish by markmak on DeviantArt
Faça um pedido!! Que fofo!
there are four different views of the same room in this video game, and each one has its own animation character
Inside Out easter eggs - Gaming
Inside Out easter eggs
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If disney villians won
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From the OP that brought you "Things you probably didn't know about FROZEN Brings you Gin what is hopefully a more legible font) Things you'didn't know about Jan led 'Accontingto the ainatre, ynn Riders meant to 26 gears yore ler than Rapurod, and athe lorgeat gp gpp between any Disney couple. been cakuloted that Rapunze' har woighs around 10+ pounds flte hoison Rapu miles were end-to-end, the twould 'be1620 miles long, TLDR, nck pin "The character design of Plynn came from process which was called the explayees ofthe studio one room and asked them forthe 'on various features such as eye color, hair colr, style, and body type. Thoseladis shoul Gothels dress is from the Renaissance, which is centuries before the time period the fm and isthe 780s). Thsis an effort to enphasize how Rapunzel and Gothel dont match up and aleo howlong Gothel had been ving, "The descending lantem that Rapunzel fs back skyward was her parents'. twas the only one wth the royal symbol of the sun. \When Rapunzel looks atthe mosaic of the herseltin marketplace, the camera cts from her eyes tothe tle picture and, very briefly, clarinet musical motif thats nearly the same as the motif in errs Bueller's Day OF, when Cameron ts looking at the poinit painting and the camera cuts between Cameron's eyes and that cf the in the painting, The moments only a fraction of a second: ot Rapraloke at the Tangles viul (a three-dimensona painting) was greatly bning the gly Inthe ing scene you see baby mobile. Several chameleon (her pet Pascal) a rubber ducky CThe Snuggly Ducking, Plynn would take her to), a cupid (Snuggly Duckling again), a horse (Maximus) and a blue bird (hat fies around Rapunzel when she leaves her tower for the first time). "There ar several references to other Disney movies in Tang Tor example, Pi fh Inthe scene where and lyon the library together, The Little Mermaid, and the Beast, and Sleeping Beaut A Shell 'Andi Repunzcts room, there are several eynbole of other Dieney moves Sleeping Beauty spindle, Snow White's apple, dresser and rose rom Beauty and the Beast, achl rppresenting Avil from The Lite Mermaid, 'And a woman carrying a book and a basket and looking lot tke Belle can be seen when Rapunzel and Flynn get into town. The dance scene, alongwith the lagestcrowd thatthe Stucko has ever created for a CG feature. "The fog that creeps in around Mother Gothel and Rapunzel atthe campsite is to represent the emotional effect of Gothel dlouding Repurzel's mind and making her doubt hereelf "The production team played over 2,000 Mario Kart games inaneffortto stay sane during the long hours. That's all for now! Thanks for reading! - iFunny
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some cartoon characters with different expressions on their faces
𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚒𝚙𝚎 𝙴𝚗𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚛