glitter tips

Glitter nail tips finally perfected. Paint nails, get a sponge and put glitter nail polish on sponge. Once nails are try, dab the sponge onto your nail. Perfected glitter tipped nails.

disney nails

Mickey Mouse nails cute black and white nails art cool pretty mickey mouse nail art so gonna do this for disney

jewelry for your fingers

Coco's Pearls Nail Designs For Short Nails black base with pearl necklace and bows design in white

these are cute!

April is Autism awareness month. I did my each of my nails definitely because, every case of Autism is different. Please help support the children.

Snowflake Nails

Christmas nails To Do These styles just simply add tape to the sections you don't want that color polish. To attach beads/nail diamonds dab clear polish and set the bead on top with tweezers!


Disney Winnie the Pooh nails. Pooh bear and bumble bee! Where's the honey?

Lion King!! This is for you Katelynn!!!

79 Wonderful Disney Nail Art Designs photo We've Got You Covered's photos. The Lion King Nails!