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a cat sitting on top of a table next to a bowl of fruit
a person's hand on top of a book with pictures and other items around it
an unmade bed with white sheets and pink comforter next to a wooden beam
a woman standing in front of a stove cooking food on top of a wooden table
there is a blue coffee cup with white liquid in it on the table next to pillows
luke’s taza !
a person holding up a book in front of a bookshelf
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a person is kneading dough on a table
a cat is wrapped up in a sweater next to a coffee mug
a dining room table set for christmas dinner with lit candles and plates on the table
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a woman laying in bed holding up a book that says true rules do not apply
an open book with writing on it next to other papers and magnets that include lipstick
a laptop computer with a woman holding up two packages of chips in front of her face
looking for alaska
several cinnamon rolls sitting on top of a baking sheet