Popa Tudor St. (CeMerita.ro)

Popa Tudor St. (CeMerita.ro)

Sibiu / Blogger de Sibiu, arhitect & SM freak. Voluntar prin viata, proiectez gânduri.
Popa Tudor St. (CeMerita.ro)
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Fire by Formfusion. An unobtrusive powder-coated steel bracket conceals a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit but provides easy access in case of an emergency.

Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding. Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere.

‘CHITCHAT’ public seating concept by Dutch designer Teun Fleskens encourages conversation with humor – and good looks. The seat for seven rocks back and forth on its rounded base.

Conversing gracefully is a balancing act. Dutch Designer Teun Fleskens’ CHITCHAT bench brings our often playful - sometimes cringe-worthy - conversation attempts into the physical.

WHATAMI, winner of the 2011 Young Architects Program at MAXXI / stARTT

Built by stARTT in Rome, Italy A few days ago we featured, in progress, the WHATAMI project, winner of the 2011 Young Architect Program at the MAXXI.