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a computer monitor sitting on top of a desk next to a candle and some books
Temu|Soporte ajustable de acrílico para tabletas de 1 pieza para estudiantes - Soporte transparente de escritorio para leer y escribir - Suministros escolares de regreso a clases
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various images of gold and white jewelry on display
Jewelry display, elegant and functionnal, Made in France by MakkDesign®
MakkDesign® displays are a game changer for creative jewelry businesses around the world. Visit our page for more.
the man is wearing a white shirt with red letters on it
a hand holding three clear plastic objects in front of a mirror on a book page
Temu|Conjunto De 3 Piezas De Cajas De Joyería Transparentes En Forma De Dulces, Cajas De Almacenamiento Transparentes De Plástico, Contenedor De Almacenamiento De Pendientes, Caja De Colocación De Joyas
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a silver cross necklace with an inscription in spanish on the front and back of it
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a card with a necklace on it that says, i love you to the moon and back
a person holding up a card with a small pearl on the front and back of it