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Thracian nobleman, top from right. Has lots of Greek lookng armour. Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Rome Antique, Roman Legion, Celtic Warriors, Armadura Medieval, Templer

Dictionar de termeni dacici

Dicţionar de termeni dacici Razboinici ai antichitatii pe Teritoriul Romaniei, lucrare grafica realizata de catre Radu Oltean, http://ar...

Decebalus (ruled was the last king of Dacia. He is famous for fighting… Romania Map, Visit Romania, European History, World History, Ancient Romans, Ancient Art, Indian Chief Tattoo, History Of Romania, Romanian People

Decebalus (ruled 87-106) was the last king of Dacia. He is famous for fighting three wars, with varying success, against the Roman Empire under two emperors. After raiding across the Danube, he defeated a Roman invasion in the reign of Domitian, securing a period of independence during which Decebalus consolidated his power.

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Dacian King Decebalus. • When Trajan came to power, he invaded Dacia to weaken its threat to Roman border territory. Decebalus was defeated. He remained in power as a client king, but continued to assert his independence, leading to a final and overwhelming Roman invasion in 105. Trajan reduced the Dacian capital Sarmizegetusa in 106, absorbing Dacia into the Empire. Decebalus committed suicide to avoid capture.

Roman Emperor Trajans war with the Dacians ~ the massacre of a Dacian village by Legio XXX - art by Angus McBride Roman History, Art History, Military Art, Military History, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Celtic Culture, Man Of War, Historical Art

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Un lugar para publicar y analizar los cuadros de las grandes batallas de la humanidad, desde la antigua Grecia hasta la invencion del cine a sido el unico mo…

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Helmets, dagger, quivers, poker, signs (from the pedestal of the Column of Trajan) - Giovanni Battista Piranesi Ancient Rome, Ancient History, History Of Romania, Trajan's Column, Medieval, Stone Texture, Art Database, Ancient Jewelry, Famous Artists

Pe armele şi echipamentul militar al dacilor, pomul vieţii era reprezentat, conform credinţei în nemurire, pentru a asigura regenerarea trupului luptătorului, în cazul în care ar fi căzut în luptă, aşa cum se poate observa din desenele întocmite după Columna lui Traian de cunoscutul artist italian Giovanni Battista Piranesi la sfârşitul secolului al XVIII-lea, sau chiar din metopele originale

Roman statues of ancient Dacians (geto-dacii) – Faces from the past – Romania Dacia Ancient Rome, Ancient History, History Of Romania, Romanian People, History Page, European History, Installation Art, Art Installations, Ancient Civilizations

Roman statues of ancient Dacians (geto-dacii) – faces from the past

Thracians - "the second-most numerous people after the Indians"(herodotus, 5th century BC) Getae-Dacians belonged to the big Thracian family from South-Eastern Europe Short history In the 3rd-4rd century BC, Greeks mentioned the Getae living beyond the Danube river in today's Vallachia and described them as "bravest and most righteous" among the Thracians. The…