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Bravio delle Botti: the great barrel race. / This event takes place at the last Sunday of august, in the wonderful hilltop town of Montepulciano in Tuscany.

Tuscany, Italy Bravio delle Botti ( The Great Barrel Race), takes place on the last Sunday of August - Montepulciano, Tuscany. photo by David Moreau

Casa pentru iubitorii de vin

Home for wine lovers. You know it will have a super wine cellar!

Tabelul periodic al vinurilor

Wine chart based on the Periodic Table. Food + Science is always a good idea. Must remember to put this in my wallet for my next dinner party.

"Uncorking Old Sherry", 1805. (Gillray) A reference to an exchange between Pitt and Sheridan in Parliament. Various members of the opposition remain corked up on the opposition benches. Fox is "True French Wine"; Windham "Brandy and Water"; Grey is "Gooseberry Wine". Addington (Lord Sidmouth) lies spilled on the ground, labelled "Medicinal Wine" (a reference to his nickname of "the Doctor").

In Uncorking Old Sherry James Gillray caricatured Sheridan as a bottle of sherry, uncorked by Pitt and bursting out with puns, invective, and fibs.