Craciun Claudia Alexandra

Craciun Claudia Alexandra

Craciun Claudia Alexandra
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True and i have 0 self discipline

HUGE amount is the truth. that's one thing I have, sometimes you are tempted but nah, just be calm, calm your spirit and so does your mind

I did this in the scorpio phase....not so much in the dove and learn. quit being stupid.

This Scorpio has learned to recognize when she's overextending. I'm learning that being selfish at times is a healthy thing. Finding the time to love yourself is very crucial.

Fun facts about your sign here

What no one else understands is that this is just a facade. If you just reached out to them, they would return and this time they'd be ready to die for you. If they feel hurt its because they hurt their self, more than they hurt you.

Yup yup yup...And people think you should just forgive and forget like they did nothing wrong...Haha NOPE!

keep this in mind, because I'm a Scorpio rising it's my emotion control center, no wonder why I'm hard to read. be careful. you drink the poison you choose.