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Cancer is one of the most devastating forces known to man. It comes in many forms, all capable of ending lives, splitting up families, and breaking hearts. Fortunately, treatment options are gradually improving and survival rates are going up for many forms of cancer.

50 Pics of people’s transformations after cutting their hair to donate to cancer

These brave people lost their locks for an awesome cause

Parents are humans and there are times when they might be weak and vulnerable too. However, they will always try to be on guard around their kids although sometimes things don’t go as planned, leading to funny situations. We have compiled 12 funny pictures showing that it isn’t so easy to be a parent. Enjoy!

10+ Hilarious Pics Proving There Are No ‘Ideal Parents’

Even the best intentions sometimes end in funny mistakes.

Nowadays, we have thousands of different beauty products and makeup solutions to choose from, but back in the day, Hollywood stars and ladies who wanted to look their best and set the standards for glitz and glamor really had to work for it.

75 Old school beauty hacks that will make your routine so much easier

Back in the day, ladies had to think outside the box to look their best

What we see in the media has a profound effect on what we think about ourselves and others and how we live our lives. Most of these effects are subconscious and can negatively affect women since the media is filled with unrealistic images of women.

60 instagram influencers that look nothing like their photos online

Many influencers create illusions of how they'd like to be perceived.

Most of us poor folk know that thinking about being rich doesn’t make it so. But apparently, we’ve been missing the point. All we really need to do is wear our favorite t-shirts to make our dreams come true!

75 Times People Wore The Right Shirt Coincidentally At The Perfect Time

Timing came together in a perfectly funny way.

Let’s just say that we do not condone vandalism in the slightest. However, there’s not much to be done about bathroom vandalism, considering there are not, and should not be cameras in there. And boy, do people take advantage of that fact!

50 Times Bathroom Graffiti Made People Laugh

There's not much to be done about bathroom vandalism, considering there are not cameras in there. And boy, do people take advantage of that fact!

You might not always appreciate their style, but whether it’s sweet or sassy, it’s bound to bring a knowing smile to your face if you’ve ever raised a kid.

Hilarious photos of people who took the job of ‘parent’ and nailed it

Sometimes you've got to take the little victories when they come along.

If we all paid a bit more attention we might not make big mistakes. But let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t anticipate everything.

50 + People who figured out they made a big mistake a little too late

We don't know whether to laugh or cringe at some of these.

Thinking of getting a tat yourself? I think you need to take a good look at these 55 epic tattoo fails before you even get one. Let’s see if you’ll still want a tattoo after seeing these!

55 proud tattoo owners who posted pic of new tattoo with hilarious mistake

Guess they shouldn't have been so proud after all...

But it isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. Try and recap all the substances and hands that spread all over the kitchen and it starts to make sense.

Woman Shares Simple Trick To Clean Your Oven Doors In A Jiffy

Detergent tablets are made to help remove the stubborn food residue on dishes and other cutlery. However, they can also be used on the surface of an oven door to great effect. A really important bit of information for people who love to use their ovens!

One woman has changed the game on making fun of celebrity Instagram accounts. Celeste Barber is an “actor, Comedian, and Social Media Super” and “is the self-proclaimed queen of everyday sophistication and low budget lifestyle aspirations.”

Normal Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Posts

One "normal" woman is shining a light on how ridiculous celebrity Instagram posts are by recreating them in her own home.

A lot of children scream during photos or won’t wear their cute hats or the right shoes. However, some take things to the next level. They don’t just make the photo shoot difficult; they make the pictures a little strange, as well.

50+ cute newborns who hilariously messed up their parents’ photoshoots

These babies are adorable no matter what.

The man also probably didn’t see the restaurant’s surveillance cameras that caught his seconds of groping as well as what happened next.

Waitress Tosses Man To The Ground After He Gropes Her

You picked the wrong girl to mess with, dude.

Women aren’t just objects to be looked at and admired. Women shouldn’t be expected to always look impeccably put together. And, in real life, they don’t.

75 pretty girls share their ugly selfies & the pics can dupe anyone

These are definitely shutter-worthy.

Growing up in Hollywood is unpredictable. A person can be a star who’s on top of the world one moment, then back to being an average Joe the next day. But for child actors, navigating through the entertainment industry can be even more complex. Especially if their looks have dramatically changed like these 10 child actors below.

Famous Childhood Celebrities That Are Hard To Recognize Today

There was a lot of stress on some of these young stars.

As rewarding as parenting is, it’s not always butterflies and rainbows. There’s plenty of tears and boo-boos along the way that parents have to handle. But parents are coming up with uplifting ways to diffuse all of those toddler tantrums.

Sad Toddler Talks Herself Out Of Crying, Teaches Internet Lesson In Self-Care

This cuteness overload will melt your heart.