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there are pictures of how to finish the mushroom
How to Make a Needle-Felted Mushroom
a person holding a green cup in their hands with pins on it's side
a small pink pig sitting on top of a table
a bowl that has some kind of small house in it on top of a table
a painting of a waterfall in the middle of a wood paneled fence with water running down it
a small pink pig with white wings on top of a piece of wood next to a string
there is a small pot that has some plants in it on top of the bowl
several small pots with gnome's houses in them
there is a cup that has some stuff on it in the shape of a cactus
there is a tea cup with a small house in the top and flowers on it
Felted pin cushion | Etsy
a hand holding a small brooch with a red mushroom on it
Mushroom brooch
there is a small pot with some little birds on it and a rainbow in the middle