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a potted plant with colorful flowers in it
Paper Craft -Father Day Gift- Flower Pots Outdoor- Free Tutorial
a crocheted bouquet of yellow flowers in someone's hand, on a gray background
Crochet Memorial Rose - Free pattern
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Crochet sunflowers in a bamboo basket for home or event decoration [table setting with flowers]
Crochet sunflowers are a charming addition to any home or event decor. These adorable flowers can be used to brighten up a table setting, adding a touch of warmth and color to any occasion. They can be placed in a bamboo basket to create a rustic and natural look, or incorporated into a centerpiece for a more elegant setting. Crochet sunflowers are also a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, making them perfect for any season or occasion.
two handmade baskets with flowers in them on a table next to another basket filled with pink and orange flowers
two purple flowers in a black vase on a gray surface with green leaves and stems
Декоративний букет фіолетових тюльпанів
a basket filled with white and yellow flowers
Букет из конфет "Ромашковый" в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров | Букеты, Новосибирск - доставка по России. Товар продан.
an arrangement of crocheted flowers in a vase on a white background with green trim
a tree with pink flowers in the shape of a heart on top of a table
Цветущее сердце | - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве