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Born in 1947, Paul Hedley was brought up in Chatham, Kent. He attended Medway College of Art from 1966-68, and Maidstone College of Art 1968-71 and was awarded the Diploma in Art and Design.

Paul Hedley, 1947 in Kent. His paintings and drawings show his incredible ability to describe figurative form in the context of good quality and exciting compositions.


Kay Huang is an illustrator and concept artist based in China. You can (and should) check out his full gallery over at Deviant Art.

Prairie Tower by Kim Casebeer Oil ~ 30 x 20

Landscape Paintings and photographs Picture Description Prairie Tower by Kim Casebeer Oil ~ 30 x 20

Anne Barton - When She Was Wicked

Fantasy set into TolstoyÅ› Anna Karenina era - a bored virgin aristocratic girl meets a middle-aged drunkard war hero - who then introduces her to rough sex and spanking etc. the cleavages in those area dresses play major role in this fantasy

michael inessa garmash paintings | Michael&Inessa Garmash art paintings

Michael Garmash ( was born in 1969 Lugansk in the Ukraine ) & Inessa Garmash (born Inessa Kitaichik in 1972 Lipetsk, Russia,, Husband and Wife Team amazing romantic impressionists painter) ~