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2015 Howies: Best Small Traditional House. Plan 48-641

Where would you build this adorable French Country Storybook Cottage? This 300 square foot cottage is a perfect addition to your existing home with a single bedroom and fireplace, kitchenette and full bath. I love this as a little guest house

A beautiful colorful traditional ethnic African round hut of the Ndbele tribe in a village in South Africa in the peaceful evening sun

The Ndebele ART . the ndebele women do this beautiful art work! my Mom is from the Ndebele clan! it is absolutely beautiful

Ansamblul Golescu din Campulung Muscel - anexa

Locul de unde nu am mai fi plecat -Vila Golescu

A traditional house from the romanian village Goiesti.

The most beautiful European villages/hamlets/small towns

Learn how to make strawberry buttercream frosting from fresh strawberries. Thick, creamy & perfectly pipable - it's delicious on vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, and perfect for spring!

Learn how to make strawberry buttercream frosting using fresh strawberries. This pipable strawberry frosting is delicious on vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.


The Best Travel Jobs – 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World

leafy terrarium

Today we look at ways to make your very own unforgettable bonsai terrarium plants. The picture Bonsai Terrarium plant here offers you a sense of the scale, and we're sure you want to have it for your home decor.

moss terrariums

Moss Terrarium 01 by Mathieustern

"Sunbreak" (close-up of female), John Larriva art

different paint technique

by   Jean Claude Papeix

Jean Claude Papeix watercolor painting trees at dawn or dusk sunset beautiful colors artwork